Survivor South Africa Immunity Island: All The Advantages From Episode 1

The first episode of 'Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island' had a bucket-load of advantages, but not all of them worked out for castaways.

Even before the castaways had been sorted into their two tribes, Zamba and Vuna, host Nico explained that this season's main twist would see players voted off to Immunity Island.

There, they'd receive advantages that could potentially alter the course of the game completely -- as long as everything went in their favour.

But that wasn't the only advantage revealed in the first episode of Season 8. Here's our rundown of all the wild advantages that happened in the very first episode.

Spoiler below! So make sure to check out the episode on 10 play before reading this. You have been warned!

1. The tribe advantage

Survivor South Africa reiner advantage starter kit
Renier inflated his bed, now he has to lie in it.

Right after the castaways had been split into their new tribes, they had the opportunity to compete in a reward challenge where they could scavenge for a ton of supplies. One of the items stashed in the mix was a small leather pouch containing a tribe advantage.

A keen Survivor superfan, Renier nabbed the envelope and hid it away, even feigning ignorance when Nico urged whoever picked it up to reveal themselves. Winning a camp starter kit that contained a sleeping bag, mosquito net, foam mattress, inflatable mattress, axe and knife for Zamba, Renier also won himself a little target on his back for his sneaky antics.

2. The fire kit

As any good Survivor player knows, fire is life -- so when Nico summoned one member of each tribe to compete in a classic fire-making challenge to win a fire kit, it was a huge test for the two tribes.

Vuna sent Chappies and Zamba sent Jason, and the two battled it out to win a kit that included dry wood, husk, straw, citronella oil and flint. Having exhausted himself the night before trying to make fire without flint, Chappies was determined to win and took glory back to his tribe.

3. Diplomatic immunity

Chappies and Jason were both nominated by their tribes in the fire-making challenge, but what their tribes didn't know was that the two would also receive a very interesting secret advantage: diplomatic immunity.

Survivor South Africa Immunity Island diplomatic Jason blindside
That awkward moment when you win diplomatic immunity right before being blindsided.

If, at any point before the merge, their tribe loses an immunity challenge Chappies and Jason could play a bracelet which would see them permanently defect to the other tribe. Depending on how they're placed within their own tribe, the bracelet could be a huge advantage -- unfortunately, Jason's getting blindsided at the very first tribal council meant he didn't get a chance to utilise it.

4. Immunity Island 

After Vuna won the immunity challenge, they were given the ability to send one member of Zamba to Immunity Island. Vuna ended up picking Thoriso, in a strategic move to force Zamba into voting out a stronger player.

As the first player to arrive on Immunity Island, Thoriso received an immunity necklace but also was given two options: she could either 'stay and play' a timed challenge or 'give up and go' and return to her camp.

immunity island survivor south africa
That awkward moment when you pretend to read the Terms and Conditions.

If she decided to give up and go, Thoriso would immediately return to camp and be able to vote in the upcoming tribal council. She would also have the ability to bequeath her immunity necklace to someone else at the tribal council or decide not to play it at all, but she could no longer use it for herself.

Deciding to stay and play, Thoriso attempted a timed challenge. If she was successful in the challenge she would receive a clue to a hidden immunity idol, attend tribal council and be safe from the vote. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful in the challenge which meant she couldn't vote in the tribal council -- but her necklace also meant she was immune from the vote, giving her an opportunity to be a passive observer in the first tribal and a front seat to watch the game's first blindside.

4. Dino's immunity necklace

We left this one until last because -- as Dino said himself -- despite scoring an immunity necklace, Dino had "some of the worst Survivor play ever" in his first days with his tribe.

During the reward challenge, two immunity necklaces were available, one for each tribe, which would grant one player immunity from the first tribal council only. In the final ten seconds of the challenge, Dino quickly nabbed the necklace.

Survivor South Africa Dino immunity necklace
Who knew this would be the least chaotic thing Dino would do?

Our chaotic king then proceeded to announce it to his whole tribe in an effort to avoid getting a target on his back. Which does not explain why, during the immunity challenge when he and his Zamba tribemates were struggling, he started dramatically mouthing "help me" to Vuna.

He said it best himself when he said he has "more moves than a drunk white boy at a club".

With all this happening in the VERY FIRST episode, we can't wait to see what other hectic twists and advantages are in store for this season.

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