Plant Protein Burger Recipe

Serves 1
  • Steps
  • Ingredients


  • Add all the ingredients into a metal bowl and mix well
  • Season just to taste with salt and allow chilling for an hour before use. This will allow combining all the flavours and marrying together
  • On a medium to high heat add olive oil to a pan and add Plant Protein Patty and allow sitting for 3 minutes
  • Season with salt and pepper then flip
  • Allow cooking for a further 1-minute then layer the cheese till soften for a further 2 minutes, take off grill and rest once done
  • Gently heat another pan up and butter the brioche bun. Place the bun onto the pan and gently toast till golden
  • To assemble add the Thousand Island dressing to both sides of the golden buttered bun
  • Layer the bottom bun with the cooked Protein burger, and the sliced pickles, tomatoes and fresh crisp lettuce