BBQ Desserts Recipes

Serves 6
  • Steps
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BBQ Sundae

  • Diced fruit and stir through coconut oil, grill on medium heat till fruit is warm and tender. Fill your sundae dishes halfway with your grilled fruits
  • Coat your pineapple rings with honey and cinnamon. Grill on medium till a little brown. Set aside and allow to cool
  • Top fruit with ice cream and whipped cream. Place your pineapple ring in standing to one side. Sprinkle over nuts and top with cherries. Drizzle with caramel sauce if you wish

Fruit Skewers

  • Cut your chosen fruit into 2cm cubes. Push them through the skewers and mix up your varieties. Grill on medium heat top a little brown and tender
  • Mix in a bowl mascarpone cheese, honey, nutmeg and cinnamon till combined and serve alongside your skewers for dipping

Banana S’mores

  • In a large bowl break up your crackers and chocolate in small rough pieces. Pour in your marshmallows and mix
  • Keep your bananas in their peel and slice them long ways in the middle. Only cut about halfway into the banana and leave 1 cm uncut on each end
  • Pull open just a little without breaking the banana and stuff with your mix
  • Grill on low to medium with lid closed till banana is browned and mix is slightly melted