Sarah Harris Reflects On 2000 Episodes Of Studio 10

Sarah Harris picks five of her favourite moments from the last 2000 episodes of Studio 10.

Celebrating their massive milestone all week, Studio 10 has reached its 2000th episode.

"When a plucky little morning show called Studio 10 launched in 2013, critics snarled we'd be lucky to last six months," host Sarah Harris told 10 play.

"Nearly eight years and seven-and-a-half thousand hours later, we're still here: live, sometimes dangerous, and usually laughing," she added.

"We're the little show that could -- and did (we even got a Logie nomination at one point!) and that's something to celebrate!"

From Monday, Sarah and co-host Tristan MacManus will be joined by Angela Bishop, Narelda Jacobs, Beau Ryan, Daniel Doody and Denise Drysdale to celebrate the show's mega milestone with appearances from Jessica Rowe, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Denise Scott and Joe Hildebrand.

Having aired a mammoth amount of episodes, we asked Sarah to take a look back at the past 2000 and pick out a handful of her favourite moments.

The fat-shaming shutdown

"That time I told fat shamers to 'bugger off' when tabloids ran unflattering photos of me pregnant. My on-air rant went international. It felt good to use my voice to do good."

Joe's awkward exam

"Joe Hildebrand getting a prostate exam live on air. The intentions were good, but viewers then alerted us that a blood test had now replaced the old 'finger up the bum' exam."

The Dachshund Dash

"Jono Coleman dressed in sausages being chased by sausage dogs actually made me wet my pants on air a li'l bit (to be fair I was heavily pregnant at the time)."

A first day to remember

"Kerri-Anne Kennerley arriving at 10 with a marching band and showgirls on her first day on the panel. She was such a tonne of fun to sit next to. "

Redefining break-dancing

"Tristan and I channelling Danny and Sandy for the Hand Jive during our Footloose Friday segment. There were many flips, his finger and my dress were both broken in the process."

Studio 10 are celebrating their 2000 episode milestone all week long, kicking off at 8 am on 10 and 10 Play on demand