How To Get Your Kids Actively Passionate About Health At Home

Finding it harder than usual to maintain yours and your family’s healthy, balanced lifestyle during this time of social distancing – especially when it comes to the kids?

We’ve got you covered with these fun, health-focused activities to get your kids actively passionate about health at home.

Let’s face it; eating for health, finding time to work out, maintaining mental hygiene all the while keeping all your appointments, social outings and fitting in quality time with loved ones has always been a bit of a challenge. And during this time of social distancing, this balancing act called life has had a huge shake up, making that challenge more difficult than ever.

However, what if we told you that it’s not all up to you? You know what we mean. Being the one to push for the healthier choices, the sometimes-feigned enthusiasm to go for a walk because “exercise is so much more fun than sitting inside looking at a screen, isn’t it kids?!”. A crazy concept, we know, but we’ve pulled together a list of activities that will empower your kids to start actively making better choices about their health and wellbeing all on their own.

Who knows, maybe they’ll be the ones making you opt for carrot sticks next time you’re feel snacky. You can thank us later!

Get your kids in the kitchen to make healthy eating fun

Your kids aren’t huge fans of veggies? Shocker. Never fear, this e-book includes recipes for snacks packed with veg and even better, they’re easy enough for the kids to follow themselves (the celery snails are our fave). Winning!

Make time for mindful moments

Like most things worth doing, mindfulness takes practice and it’s often hard to know where to start, especially for our ever-so-active kids. This e-book has a range of fun breathwork games and activities to help find the calm in their day, manage anxious feelings and regain focus. Pro tip: this one is just as rewarding for the parents as it is for the kids!

Gamify healthy habits

What do you get when you combine arts and craft with games? This healthy habits chatterbox idea! Not only will your kids enjoy making the chatterbox, it is also a great tool to get your kids thinking about exercise, hydration and making healthy food choices.

Don’t forget to take brain breaks

With the family cooped up at home, there’s no time like the present to take brain breaks and have some fun. Check out this e-book for a collection of bite-sized activities to get your kids moving – and a great excuse to get your favourite Spotify playlist cranking for half an hour!

GMHBA is an Australian owned not for profit health insurance and care company who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of members, customers and the wider community. These guides and activities have been created by GMHBA’s Healthy Heroes program. A partnership with the Geelong Cats, Deakin University and GMHBA, the Healthy Heroes program is presented to grade three and four students in the Geelong region to empower children to make positive lifestyle behaviour changes at home.