The Magic of Mt Panorama

Mt Panorama is well and truly the heart of Motorsport in Australia for many reasons, including the pure passion of the fans across the weekend, the dominance of icons like Peter Brock, or the breathtaking track itself

The Mecca of Australian Motorsport

For most of the year, the roads of Mt Panorama are a scenic stroll through the heights of Bathurst...but come October, the Mountain becomes the Mecca of Australian Motorsport - as thousands of loyal fans make their pilgrimage to Bathurst.

The atmosphere of the crowd is something to behold - as Mt Panorama transforms into a campsite over the weekend, with families and fanatics alike sharing the surrounding area to celebrate one of the great Australian traditions.

Whether it’s at McPhillamy or Reid, the parks around the circuit come alive over the weekend - as fans immerse themselves in the magic of the mountain. During the day, you can catch the thrills and spills of the racing - while night time becomes a time for reflection and a bit of banter by the camp fire at night.

For one weekend each year, Bathurst becomes the heart of Australia.

Brocks Skyline

The King of the Mountain

It has been ten years since we lost Peter Brock - who will always be remembered for his dominance at Mt. Panorama, as he still holds the all-time record for the most victories in Bathurst with nine in total.

Brock first made his mark on the mountain in 1972 - when he drove his XU-1 to victory over Alan Moffat, driving solo for almost six hours in miserable conditions. This marked the first of Brock's victories in Bathurst, but none was finer than Brock's victory with Jim Richards in 1979, when the pair won by an astonishing margin of six laps and smashed the race record by over five minutes.

To add a cherry on top of an already stellar performance, Brock broke the lap record on the final lap of the race - well and truly showing why he was referred to as "Peter Perfect".

Brock's feats in Bathurst were immortalised when the National Motor Racing Museum unveiled a statue of Peter Brock ahead of the Bathurst 1000 in 2008, solidifying his legacy as "The King of the Mountain.


Breaking down the Bathurst circuit

Mt Panorama is a circuit that is as brutal as it is brilliant - as there are many bumps and bends for the drivers on their 161 laps around the mountain. For all of the breathtaking scenery around the grounds of Bathurst - there is an equal amount carnage on-track, as there have been many drivers who could not tame the beast of a track that is the Mt Panorama circuit.

Perhaps nothing tells the story of how unforgiving this circuit can be than the first corner, aptly named "Hell Corner", which leads the drivers up the mountain straight, beginning the climb up the mountain towards Griffin's Bend and through the parks - where the parochial fans gather to get a glimpse of the action.

By the time the drivers reach the Skyline to soak in the scenery of Bathurst and its's all downhill from there - as they swiftly snake through the esses, drop through The Dipper and round Forrest's Elbow to roar down Conrod Straight at speeds of over 300 clicks. 

After working through the chicanes at The Chase, it's back down to the base of the mountain where the drivers hit the brakes into Murray's Corner...then it's back to pit straight for another climb of the mountain.

But at the end of 161 laps, there can only be one who steps to the top of the podium and into Australian history, joining names like Brock, Moffat, Johnson and Skaife as legends of the sport.