Never Seen A Big Bash Match Before

Fear not, here’s a simple explanation of what you will see this summer

Those who know cricket as a sport played between 22 guys dressed in white chasing a red ball are in for a shock. The KFC T20 Big Bash League is about smashing and crashing as many runs as you can, as fast as you can.

It is high-energy, non-stop entertainment, all played in a three-hour window during the peak summer holiday period. The on-field cricket action is combined with fireworks, music and innings break entertainment ensuring plenty of fun for everyone.

T20 was first introduced in 2003, as a more lively form of the game. Since then, it has taken off around the world, thrilling fans in every corner of the globe. The KFC T20 Big Bash League is a thrilling edge-of-your-seat sports entertainment spectacle.

T20 matches take just over three hours to play and deciding the winner is simple: the team with the most runs wins. Batsmen run between wickets to score, but if they hit the ball to the boundary rope on the bounce, they automatically get four runs. If the ball is smashed over the rope, they earn six runs.

As the name of the game suggests, teams have just 20 overs to bat. To keep the fast-paced action going, new batsmen have to make it to the centre of the field within 90 seconds of their team-mate being dismissed. Teams are given penalties for failing to bowl their 20 overs within 80 minutes.