Mark Webber revealed

Mark Webber has opened up on his rivalry with Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel in an exclusive interview on Revealed with Hugh Riminton.

The relationship publicly imploded during this year’s Grand Prix in Malaysia, when Vettel controversially overtook Webber to take the chequered flag.

“There’s too much issue between us,” Webber said. “It just takes a small little spark to start things off. Those relationships can be challenged professionally and I wasn’t super surprised on the day what happened in Malaysia.”

Asked if he would trust Vettel in the same situation again, Webber replied: “Well, not the Malaysia situation because we know what would happen. A cheetah never changes its spots. We’ll be fine.” 

The Australian racing ace said he has no regrets about retiring from Formula One without a world championship to his name but said he still has something to prove behind the wheel.

“I can’t turn racing off and just finish," he said.

The 37-year-old is spearheading Porsche's return to Le Mans next year and is already preparing for the gruelling 24-hour race.

“Some of the stints can be up to three-and-a-half hours long. You’ve got to get your toilet breaks right, all those type of things you have got to prepare for and understand what we will go through," he said.

“[With] Porsche, there is no better brand for me to go into this challenge with. Obviously I have thought long and hard about it but I am looking forward to this embryonic stage returning to the race in which they have been so successful. In the past they have got the record for the most wins at Le Mans and I am looking forward to working with them in the future and keeping my adrenaline ticking over." 

Webber goes on to share an insight into his intensive fitness regime, which includes competing with tennis champ Pat Rafter and Olympic gymnast Brennon Dowrick in a beach boot camp.

He also revealed there is a lot he will miss about Formula One.

“The cars, the circuits. I've got those memories but to look at the next chapter – I can't put my feet out of bed each morning without some super purpose. I can't turn racing off and just finish. I’m comfortable with the decision and I wanted to stop when I felt I was still driving well.”

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