Our Top 5 Pitches from Shark Tank

Sharks are strange creatures – sometimes they’re fussy with their food, others they’ll go on a feeding frenzy. Before the big finale, here are five of the best pitches so far that made our Sharks’ stomachs rumble

NUMBER 5: Halo Medical Devices, Hayley Warren (Episode 14)

Shark Tank Top Five 5 Pitches Pitch Best Awesome Deal Double Deals

A strong pitch, a wide market gap, potential for big growth and slick design – Hayley Warren’s Halo Medical Devices had it all. A practicing physiotherapist, Hayley sought to modernise the equipment used at physiotherapies worldwide with a simple, but effective device. Steve, John and Janine jumped out, uncertain about her valuation ($200k for 21%) and the future of her business. Naomi and Andrew made her a joint offer at half her valuation - $100k for 21%, plus a $100k loan. She accepted!

NUMBER 4: Hummingbirds, Leah James and Rebecca Glover (Episode 7)

Shark Tank Top Five 5 Pitches Pitch Best Awesome Deal Double Deals

The pitch that brought a tear to John McGrath’s eye. Leah and Rebecca brought forward their idea for a specialised childcare centre for children with special needs, asking for $80k for 20%. The two single mothers impressed the Sharks with their passion and commitment to their business, as well as to their own children with disabilities. John and Steve ended up partnering up for 25% in exchange for $80k.

NUMBER 3: Synx Sole, Rachael Ferguson and Marie-Ann Lewis (Episode 13)

Friends and podiatrists Rachael and Marie-Ann entered the Tank asking for $100k for 22.5%. The pair developed customisable mass-produced orthotics that stood apart from the competition with their longevity and ability to be altered. Naomi and Janine jumped out early, but the three male Sharks went at each other’s throats. John and Andrew both offered $100k for 45%, Steve countered with $100k for 30% plus 7% royalty on sales until $110 000 was paid back. Rachael and Marie-Ann chose Andrew in the end. A disappointed Steve leans over to Andrew: “We’re ‘arch’-enemies now.”

NUMBER 2: Epic Skateboards, Adam Riley (Episode 1)

Shark Tank Top Five 5 Pitches Pitch Best Awesome Deal Double Deals

It started as a (half) pipe dream and ended with a double deal. Asking for $20k for 10%, he wowed the sharks with his collapsible electric skateboard, which doubled as a transportation device and briefcase. Adam ticked all the boxes – he gave all the right answers, had experience running a successful small business, and had a great business model. Naomi, Andrew, Janine and John all battled it out for the deal with some very tempting offers, but Adam ended up choosing Andrew and Janine with a $40k deal for 35% between the two Sharks.

NUMBER 1: Scrubba Wash Bag, Ash Newland (Episode 6)

Shark Tank Top Five 5 Pitches Pitch Best Awesome Deal Double Deals

Andrew Banks said it all when he complimented Ash halfway through the pitch. “Well done Ash, you’ve managed to reverse the show and now they’re all pitching to you.” Andrew even offered to introduce Ash to his daughter. Ash asked for a hefty $178k for 8% of his Scrubba Wash Bag business – a boon for travellers, campers and adventurers worldwide. The award-winning smallest portable washing machine ticked all the boxes: a global business, huge demand, debt-free and enormous potential for growth. Janine, Steve and Naomi were willing to take 10% each for $120k each, but Ash only wanted two Sharks. He chose Steve for his connections and Janine for her marketing experience, leaving Naomi looking sour-faced.

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