Assess Your Killer Ideas With The Shark Tank Entrepreneur App

Network Ten have partnered with marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship agency MIE Lab to release the Shark Tank Entrepreneur App.

The Shark Tank Entrepreneur App is a unique assessment tool that asks the hard questions every start-up, entrepreneur and SME needs to be able to answer to achieve success.

Providing an essential resource for start-ups and established businesses alike, the App delivers real-time and detailed feedback, developed through 40 years of quantitative research from leaders in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation. Once completing all the questions, users will have a clear understanding of the viability of their business venture.

“This is the most comprehensive tool available on the market today,” said Andrew Bensley, General Manager of MIE Lab, “providing detailed feedback that assists you in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your idea.”

So if you’ve ever wondered how your idea might fare in the Tank, or craved expert guidance to truly maximise its potential, download the Shark Tank Entrepreneur App and enjoy a world of expertise at your fingertips. 

The Shark Tank Entrepreneur app is available now for iOS and Android