About the Show

Four is a magical age where futures are forged, friendships are made and emotions are at an all-time-high. In just five days, 10’s exciting and heart-warming new series The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds will tumble through a pre-school door and onto our screens.

With unique access to their private world, we follow the lives of 10 four and 10 five-year-olds at a pivotal time in their development. Together these precious toddlers will be tested by every social interaction and every new experience as they take their first steps towards independence, while child psychology experts observe their every move.

Lifting the lid on a world that adults rarely see, we eavesdrop on their ups and downs, their tantrums and triumphs, and every friendship and fallout, to capture the essence of life through the eyes of a child. Strap yourselves in for laughs, tears and some heart-warming truths as these four year olds take us on a journey into their secret world.