Five Reasons Why You Must Watch Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

This TV cult favourite is an immensely popular British series that hit society with a bang when it first aired in 2007.

It’s controversial, glamorous, funny, and addictive. If you haven’t already binged it, you’re really missing out. Here’s why.

It’s Based On A True Story

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl was adapted from the real-life blog and books of a high-end, London call girl under the pen-name ‘Belle de Jour’, later exposed to be research scientist, Brooke Magnanti.

Lucy Prebble, the writer of the series, fabulously brought the books to life through Hannah Baxter, a seemingly normal young woman with a desire for the finer things in life. To cater for her lavish taste, Hannah works as a high-class prostitute under the fake name ‘Belle’ and attempts to keep it a secret from all her friends and family.

Billie Piper Is The Lead Actress

Billie Piper is a well-known, much-loved English actress and former singer.

At the young age of 15, she released a hit single, broke a record and became the youngest artist to enter at number one on the UK singles chart. She then moved into acting, and all Doctor Who fans will recognise her as “Rose", the Doctor's sidekick in the 2005 series.

Billie does a phenomenal job of portraying Hannah Baxter, a role which she was very eager to take on. In an interview with, she said,

It was Belle, the person portrayed in the book that drew me to the project. I found her absolutely fascinating and some of her ideas are quite romantic, plus I liked her style of writing. I thought she was funny, witty, sharp and intelligent and I liked the idea of playing her.

And according to fans of the series, she did Belle's character justice.

It's A Taboo Topic

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl isn't your ordinary story. It's not often that you get a well-crafted series that focuses on the life of a prostitute while presenting it in a positive light.

Billie told, "This is such a taboo subject, no one really ever speaks about it except the horror stories about the nature of the work. It was certainly a very different story to every other one I'd heard about prostitution."

It's such an important watch and provides a newfound perspective on the life of a call girl. And we're all about expanding our knowledge on things that we're often too afraid to question or talk about.

Hannah Breaks The Fourth Wall... A Lot

Hannah breaks the fourth wall throughout the episodes and speaks to the audience about what she's thinking, feeling and doing. By Hannah doing this, it makes you almost feel like you know her character on a personal level, like a friend or family member. It makes for great viewing and you'll become super invested in her story, fast.

It's Free To Binge!

Who doesn't love a good high-end, fashion-filled, humour-filled, glammed up tv show?!

All four seasons of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl are available to stream for FREE on 10 play. Plus, it's been compared with many popular, like-minded shows, such as Sex In The City - so how could you possibly say no?

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