Intelligence Briefing: What You Didn't Know About Scorpion

Based on the amazing adventures of Walter O’Brien, the fortysomething genius who spent his pubescent years hacking into NASA, Scorpion’s origins are pretty mind-blowing. While many of the government security missions are classified, here are some things that you might not know about the story behind the show.

Team Scorpion saved 400 lives in Afghanistan
Scorpion doesn’t stop at preventing Las Vegas’ glitzy casinos from being inundated by fraud – the techy heroes have saved real human lives. 400 of them in fact, when they predicted the biological warfare of water bases in Afghanistan by drug lords three months before it happened.

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They identified Boston bombings terrorist suspects
Assisting in top-secret government missions is all part of a day’s work for the computer security company. O’Brien and his co-workers even helped the US government identify the culprits of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.

ScenGen exists in real-life!
The ScenGen (aka scenario generator) referenced in the series is not imagined - it actually exists! According to Walter, humans have a 3% margin of error – a scary roll of the dice for some companies. Enter the scenario generator, created by Walter and the team to avoid grandiose risks that the world’s most powerful operators simply cannot afford.

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They’re now using satellite surveillance on ISIS
Walter’s tight-lipped on the subject and says he’s under a non-disclosure agreement, but what he has divulged is that he’s assisting the government with possibly his most important task yet - defeating radical Islamists.

They prevented tampering at the Malaysian airplane wreck
Scorpion provided surveillance for the MH370 airline wreck that was recently discovered this year, ensuring there was no tampering at the scene.

Walter O’Brien’s IQ is allegedly higher than Albert Einstein’s
Walter claims his IQ is 197, whereas Einstein’s stood at 160, a similar score to Stephen Hawking. While this claim has not been substantiated, if true, it would make O’Brien’s IQ the world’s fourth highest.

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The geniuses are for hire
If you have a fat stack of cash to fork out, the show’s real-life geniuses are willing to solve the most complex security and tech issues. As their website states, ‘Scorpion is a global think tank for hire that solves ANY funded problem with a budget over $10K.’

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One of the reasons that the series was made was to scout for geniuses
Walter admits that putting his private life at risk with the creation of the series was motivated by not only an urge to tell his story, but by the desire to unite more geniuses. The challenge, he says, is not finding them but keeping them.

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