Scope Season 3 Episode 105 WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL


EPISODE: 3/105 World Science Festival:

World Science Festival: An entire cacophony of science descended upon Brisbane for the World Science Festival and Dr Rob was there to scope it all out! Join us as we meet renowned theoretical physicist Brian Green, learn how to paint with bacteria and explore the new and exhilarating sport of drone racing!

Brian Greene Q&A: Brian Greene is the co-founder of the World Science Festival and one of the most widely celebrated theoretical physicists in the world. Dr Rob caught up with him to find out what inspired him and his aspirations for the future of science!

Josh Richards Q&A: If you’re watching this in 2026 there’s a 1 in 25 chance that Josh Richards is currently rocketing through space headed for the ‘red planet’. He’s an Engineer and a candidate ‘Mars One’. A privately funded expedition to colonise Mars!

Bioluminescence Bacteria Q&A: Bacteria can glow through a process called bioluminescence. And no one knows more about Bioluminescence than Dr Siouxsie Wiles! Dr Rob met up with her to find out how this little trick of nature is helping create glow in the dark art!

Drone Racing: Racing on foot, in a car or even in a boat can make for an exciting spectacle! But as Chris Ballard and Paul New from Freedom Class Drone Racing explains, nothing quite compares to zooming through the air at 80km per hour!

First Scientist Q&A: Long before the arrival of European settlers there were a different kind of scientist in Australia. Dr Rob catches up with indigenous scientist Mibu Fischer from the CSIRO to discuss the contribution that was made by Australia’s first scientists.

BioBlitz: Citizen Science plays an important role in expanding our scientific knowledge. And one of the biggest citizen science events in Australia is the BioBlitz! Join Dr Phillip Roetman as he explains what it is and why it’s so important to our understanding of the world.

All that and more on a mind blowing episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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