EPISODE: 2/171 Wildcard

In this episode of SCOPE anything goes! We’ve searched far and wide for stories, news and experiments to satisfy all science tastes! There’s a vertical rescue mission, dancing helicopters, a car that folds in half and a species of stingray that has scientists baffled! We also learn how to make some soapy clouds in the microwave with ivory soap! See…we told you there’s something for everyone!

Vertical Rescue Training
Climb atop a twenty storey building with Anthony Brice from the South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service and see what it takes to rescue people from great heights.

Scientist Under The Scope
Meet Bianca Kyriacou, a scientist from The University of Adelaide. Find out lots about this bubbly Biochemist as she shares with us what she loves about her job, what her favourite scientific instrument is, and what animal she’d love to be!

Dancing Helicopters
Check out some helicopters that dance! Tommi Sullivan from Griffith University shows off his dancing drones and shares a thing or two about how he built them.

Scope in a Flash: Foldable Car
Ted reports on a car that can fold in half when parked, to make more space in busy cities! The ‘Armadillo T’ was developed at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.  

Experiment: Soap Clouds
Bath time will never be boring again after Junior Scientist Boris demonstrates how ivory soap can be turned into white, fluffy, soapy clouds after some time in the microwave! Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Glowing Colours
Turn out the lights and join in an experiment with glowing colourful liquids as students from Deception Bay State School learn a few things about colour.  

Magpie Stingray
Meet a stingray that had scientists at SARDI intrigued! Dr Charlie Huveneers tells us about the rare stingray he has been studying.

For some wild and wonderful science, join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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