Scope Season 3 Episode 092 WHERE ARE THEY NOW


EPISODE: 3/092 Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now?: It’s a veritable feast of who’s who on this episode of SCOPE, as we revisit some of our favourite scientists from the year and see how far their research has come. We check in on baby gorilla Kanzi, we learn how 3D printers are now being used to create human ears and we discover what our feline friends have been up to since we last tracked their movements.

Gorilla Growth: Earlier this we year met 5 week old infant-gorilla Kanzi. Still the crowning jewel of Melbourne Zoo’s breeding program, Kylie catches up with keeper Jess MacDonald to see how much little Kanzi has developed in the past seven months.

3D Body Parts: Our favourite story to come out of Brisbane this year was one part technological wonder and one part medical innovation. Sally catches up with Dr Mia Woodruff and her team from the Queensland University of Technology to find out what new advances there’s been with their bio-fabrication research.

DIY – Watermelon Explosion: In this very special DIY science, Dr Rob introduces the watermelon to its arch enemy; the rubber band. But how could a rubber band possibly damage a watermelon? Well there’s only one way to find out; tune in and watch!

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Cat Tracker: One of our most popular stories this year came out of Adelaide and involved some citizen science and our feline friends. Jess catches up with Dr Phillip Roteman from the University of South Australia to see how far his cat tracking research has come.

So join Dr Rob for a nostalgic journey through 2015 as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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