Scope Season 3 Episode 125 WEARABLE SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/125 Wearable Science

On this episode of Scope it’s all about the science we wear! We check out a ring that can control your phone, we learn how to grow clothes from kombucha and we find out what it takes to make an aerodynamic bike helmet!

Smart Ring: Aaron Mohtar from Elppy has developed a device which you can wear as a ring to control all the smart devices in your life.

Kombucha Clothing: Dr Alice Payne from Queensland University of Technology and Peter Musk from The Edge show us how art and science can collide to grow your own clothes out of kombucha.

Running Shoe: Imagine if your shoes could tell you when they needed replacing! Well, that’s where Dr Paul Collins and Dr Jason Bonacci from Deakin University are hoping their research on shoe deterioration will lead.

DIY – Colour Changing Tee: Join Junior Scientist Mackenzie as he explores the properties of photochromic paint by making a t-shirt that changes colour in the sun!

Wetsuit Experimenting: Wetsuits are an essential piece of equipment for many water based hobbies and sports! That’s why it’s so important Dr Anthony Ellis and his junior scientists from BioLab find the most efficient and suitable material for their very own wetsuit!

Aerodynamic Helmet:When it comes to cycling a fraction of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing. And as Richard and Fergus Kelso from the University of Adelaide explain it could be your helmet that propels you to victory.  

So join Lee for yet another jam-packed episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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