Season 3 Episode 023 UP AND DOWN

This week on Scope it is a rollercoaster ride of science as we check out the highs and lows of things that go up and down! Go in search of some bounding kangaroos and find out why scientists are analysing their poo, hit the ramps with some aerial skiers and discover how they train without any snow, create a mini submarine in a bottle that you can control with one hand, and Dr Rob will check out first hand, the physics that allows him to fling 80m up into the air.. and then back down again! So get up and then get on down as Dr Rob once again proves that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

Aerial Skiing
It’s a sport full of ups and downs that sees men and women of all shapes and sizes hurtle down the slopes at 70 kph before spinning, flipping and flying through the air. Join our good friend James Karagerorgiou from Victorian Institute of Sport once again as he shows us the science behind this amazing aerial sport.

Rob takes to the sky in a device specifically designed to go up and down and up and down and up and down very quickly! Join Dr Rob as he finds out what it takes to safely launch a human being into the air with an extra-large slingshot!

DIY – Cartesian Diver

All you need to become a certified squid trainer is a glass eye dropper, a clear plastic bottle, a marker, a balloon and some scissors. Find out how in this segment of DIY science!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Optical Thermometer
Join our good friend Jimmy from the University of Adelaide who talks us through the most sensitive optical thermometer in the world! This very unique scientific gadget uses light beams to measure heat to up to a billionth of a degree!

Roo Poo DNA
Join Jess at Gorge Wildlife Park as she collects kangaroo poo samples, to determine what breed of kangaroo what poo came from. A little gross, but an essential part in tracking and ultimately saving kangaroo mobs around Australia!

It’s the highs and lows of things that go up and down; aerial Skiing training without any snow, a high tech thermometer, bounding kangaroos and their poo, and Dr Rob on the Slingshot!

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