Scope Season 3 Episode 126 UP AND COMING


EPISODE: 3/126 Up and Coming Science

Cutting edge, ground breaking, up and coming, whatever you want to call it, when it comes to the latest and greatest in scientific advancements, this episode of SCOPE has it covered! We check out some blinking bike lights, we meet some dancing robots and we learn all about how we all learn!

Bike Blinkers:

While riding a bike, taking your hands off the handlebar to indicate turning can be dangerous. Luckily for us, junior inventor and BHP Billiton award winner Jory has developed a solution to this common problem.

When we want to learn more about cells we usually peer at them through a microscope. But what if we wanted to look at them while they were still in the body? Join Dr Malcolm Purdey from the University of Adelaide as he explains how nanotechnology could help us tackle this problem head on!

DIY Science – Balloon Reactions:
Junior scientists Bella and Jade from Cavendish Road State High School use chemical reactions to find new ways to blow up balloons.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Meet My Robot – Accrobot:
Some robots build, other robots race but these robots dance! Meet Jonathan Roberts and Georgina Hine from Queensland University of Technology as they explain the ins and outs of their performing robots!

Scientific Learning:
In most schools, it’s the students that learn from the teachers. But for Professor Robyn Gilles from the University of Queensland, she’s the one learning from the students!

Unboiling an egg:
Unboiling an egg might sound impossible, but Professor Colin Raston from Flinders University shows us a machine that can do exactly that.   

So join Lee as she discovers the latest that science has to offer on SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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