Scope Season 3 Episode 088 TROPICAL SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/088 Tropical Science

Tropical Science: G’day from the tropical north! This special episode of SCOPE is brought to you from the picturesque city of Townsville as Dr Rob explores the science behind the tropical biosphere that is Northern Queensland! We take a look at the might of Mother Nature, explore a new threat to sugar cane and chat to renowned jellyfish expert Jamie Seymour.

Jamie Seymour Q and A: Jellyfish. They’re one of the oldest living species on the planet, and there is one man who knows more about these fascinating marine creatures than most. Join Scope for a very special interview with internationally renowned expert Jamie Seymour from James Cook University.

Cyclones Up Close: Cyclone season is upon us once again and Dr David Henderson and his team from the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University are helping to develop the next generation of cyclone-proof homes and buildings to better prepare us for the future.

Backyard Dengue: Dengue Mosquito. Most of the time they’re just a nuisance. But this specific mozzie poses a serious health risk. That’s why Dr Andrew Turley from Monash University is working to make Dengue Fever a thing of the past.

Science of Sugar: We catch up with Belinda Billing from Sugar Research Australia as she explores the sweet science of sugar and the new discovery that is threatening the entire industry!

So sit back, relax, grab a coconut and enjoy this tremendously tropical episode of SCOPE; where, once again, the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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