From lots of science... a BIG episode grows! Get set for a very biological episode of SCOPE packed full of some amazing animals and perplexing plants! Head along to a nursery and meet one of the smelliest plants – the titan arum, check out a very high-tech greenhouse, find out why some animals grow out of their skin, and watch a fern grow over 7 days… in the space of 10 seconds!

Baby Capybara
Say hello to the latest member of the capybara family at Adelaide Zoo. Join animal keeper Brett Haby as he explains how these cute and quirky little South American natives will soon grow up to be the largest rodents in the world.  

Botanic Gardens Nursery
Botanical gardens are a beautiful place to visit thanks to the botanists who take care of all the plants. Join botanist Matt Coulter from Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens, as he shows how they grow thousands of plants from all over the world!

DIY Regrowing Vegetables
Say hello to junior scientist Hayley as she steps through how you can turn some old scraps destined for the bin into new edible veggies.  

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Moulting Animals

We all know what it feels like to outgrow our favourite clothes but did you know that some animals outgrow their own skin!? Join keeper Chloe Miller as she takes a look at how and why many animals moult.

High Tech Greenhouse
It’s the size of almost 50 soccer fields and houses over 100 automated robots! Join Jon Jones from D’Vine Tomatoes as he shows off how he uses modern technology to grow 15,000 tomato plants every year!

So hit a growth spurt and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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