Scope Season 3 Episode 140 THE WORLD OF PLANTS


EPISODE: 3/140 World of Plants

World of Plants: Join Lee as she explores the mysterious world of plants! We find out how mangroves are shaping the environment, we visit a seed bank to reveal the science behind dormancy. And we find out the secrets to bruise-free avocados!

Mangroves: Dr Damien Maher from Southern Cross University reveals the vital role mangroves play in balancing the ocean’s eco-system.

Seed Bank: Michael Yeo from the Botanic Gardens of South Australia explains how they’re helping protect the state’s most vulnerable plant species!

DIY - Herbarium: For hundreds of years scientists have preserved plants in herbariums. Join junior scientist Jayden as he learns how to make his very own. 

Fruit Bruise: Avocados are totally delicious, which makes it even more disappointing when they get bruised! Luckily for us, Professor Daryl Joyce and Dr Melinda Perkins are working to make this predicament a thing of the past. 

Cotton Processing: Australia produces more cotton each year than anywhere else in the world; 600, 000 tones! But how does it get from the fields to the clothes on your back? As Mark Freijah from the CSIRO explains it’s a little more complicated than you might think!

All that and more on a leafy green episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!
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