Scope Season 3 Episode 084 THE WORLD AROUND US


EPISODE: 3/084 The World Around Us

The World Around Us: Science is all around us! From the chlorophyll in the trees to the hydrogen in clouds. On this episode of SCOPE we take an in-depth look into the science that populates the world around us. There are plants getting stressed out, a species saved from extinction and the fascinating weather events of El Nino and La Nina!

Plant Stress: When Dr Rob gets stressed out, he likes to unwind with a hot bath and a good book. But stressing out isn’t just for humans! As Matthew Gilliham from the University of Adelaide explains, plants also send out stress signals similar to that of animals.

Blossom Bees: Bees are some of the most industrious creatures on the planet. Not only do they make delicious honey but, as Adam Upton from Cherry Hill Orchard explains, they’re also essential to the lifecycles of plant life across the world!

DIY Science – Coloured Flowers: Flowers come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. But as junior scientist Elizabeth explains, with just a couple of key ingredients and a little scientific know-how, you can colour your floral world!

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Quoll Comeback: The Eastern Quoll is an animal in need! With the species now extinct on the Australian mainland, Annette Rypalski from Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre and her team are doing everything in their power to try and save this iconic Australian species.

Climate Patterns: An integral part of the world around us is the weather and the climate patterns that form within it. You may already be familiar with the changing of the seasons but as Darren Ray from the South Australian Regional Climate Service explains there are a couple of other climate patterns that last even longer!

So take it all in and join Dr Rob once again as the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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