Scope Season 3 Episode 137 THE SCIENCE OF GETTING AROUND


EPISODE: 3/137 The Science of Getting Around

The Science of Getting Around: Join Lee as she gets from A to B in an episode all about the science of getting around! We meet Dylan and his award winning drone, we learn how trams are built and we find out where dingos go when we’re not looking! 

Dylan’s Drone Design: Join Dylan from John Monash Science School as he walks you through his award winning drone design.

Tram Making:
With over 500 km of track and more than 400 trams, Melbourne’s tram network is one of the largest in the world! But, as Leigh Camilleri and Laurent Herisson from Bombardier Transport explain, it all starts in the factory where they’re built!

DIY Frisbee Aerodynamics:
Frisbees are amazingly fun to toss around! But as junior scientist Harry explains the aerodynamics that help it fly, can be just as interesting!

Roller Research: To build anything you need a strong foundation, and in order to build a strong foundation you need a rolling dynamic compactor. Professor Mark Jaksa from the University of Adelaide has been experimenting with these complex contraptions to figure out how to best use this vital tool.

Dingo Tracking: Dingos are one of Australia’s most iconic native species, but what they get up to when we’re not around still remains a mystery! That is until now! Jack Tatler from the University of Adelaide has been using specialised collars to learn all about the secret lives of dingos!

All that and more on a very out and about episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!