Scope Season 3 Episode 134 THE SCIENCE OF ALL THINGS WATER


EPISODE: 3/134 The Science of All Things Water

Join Lee for an aquatic episode of SCOPE were she dives deep into this abundant compound - water! We use satellite technology to track a turtle, we learn how coral can affect the weather and we check up on the Moreton Bay dugong population. 

Wave Drone: Oceans can be calm, wild and even move the earth we live on! It’s called erosion, and Dr Javier Leon from the University of the Sunshine Coast is using UAV technology to try and alleviate the damage it cause to our coastlines!

Turtle Tracking: Many animals return to the wild after recovering in Melbourne Aquarium. But how do you keep a track of their progress once they’ve been released? Well, as Brianna Lang explains, the latest in satellite tracking technology can tell us a lot about how these animals doing out in the wild.

Atmospheric Exploration: Ocean warming through climate change doesn’t just affect marine life! As Professor Zoran Ristovski from Queensland University of Technology explains, it can also have a significant impact on what happens in the atmosphere!

DIY Science – Floating Egg: We explore the concept of water density with DIY scientist Harry! 

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Eco-Preservation: Join Dr Steven Melvin from Griffith University as he explores how pharmaceuticals in waste water can affect the aquatic ecosystem!

Dugong Survey: When you need a check-up, you go to the doctor. But what do you do if you’re a 3 meter long, 600 kilogram marine mammal? Well, Dr Tamara Keely from the University of Queensland comes to you! We catch up with Tamara as she returns from her annual Moreton Bay dugong health survey!

All that and more on this watery episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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