Scope Season 3 Episode 085 THE NEXT FRONTIER


EPISODE: 3/085 The Next Frontier

The Next Frontier: On SCOPE, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next frontier of scientific endeavour, and on this episode we take a look at some of the amazing kids well on their way. There’s the medical innovator and teenage prodigy Jack Andraka, an automated medication dispenser and ‘Sleek Geek’ Paige tells us all about the fascinating, albeit often overlooked, appendix.

Jack Andraka: Dr Rob sits down with one of the most influential and prominent young minds in the field of cancer research and detection! All the way from the United States of America, please welcome Jack Andraka!

Onion Detectives: Dr Rob meets up with ‘Sleek Geek’ Primary School Division Winners, Ella and Gigi, as they explain exactly why onions make you cry!

ICT Explorers – Riley and Luke:
ICT Explorers Riley and Luke, from Ferny Grove State High School, show off their prototype for an interplanetary expeditionary robot!

DIY Science – Jack and the candlestick: Teenage prodigy Jack Andraka returns to share with us one of his all-time favourite DIY experiments! Join him as he creates a vacuum with nothing but a candle, a jar and some water!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Paige and the Appendix: We meet up with Sleek Geek’s Secondary School Division winner, Paige, as she tells us all about the most misunderstood organ in the human body; the appendix.

ICT Explorers – Jack: ICT Explorer Jack, from Ferny Grove State High School, shows off his automated medication dispenser that may one day revolutionise your trip to the hospital.

So join Dr Rob and his merry band of junior scientists as they prove once again that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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