Scope Season 3 Episode 133 THE BIOLOGICAL WORLD 2


EPISODE: 3/133 The Biological World 2

The world around us is teaming with life! Join Lee as she explores the wonders of the biological world in this brand new episode of SCOPE! We hop aboard the RV Investigator to study phytoplankton, we sample whale snot with a UAV and we learn all about the pigmy blue tongue lizard!

Ocean Microbes: Up to 90% of the ocean’s biomass is made up of organisms we can’t even see! They’re called phytoplankton and Dr Martina Doblin from the University of Technology Sydney has been using the facilities on board the CSIRO’s Research Vessel Investigator to find out how this vital species might impact the marine ecosystem.

Plant Accelerator: They may not have to sit exams, but plants can get stressed out too! Dr Trevor Garnett from the University of Adelaide is exploring how plants respond to stressful environments in his state of the art greenhouse.

Whale Tracking Drone: They can grow up to 16 meters long and weigh more than 36 tones! For these reasons, giving a humpback whale a health check can be tough! However Dr Olaf Meynecke from Griffith University has devised a way to give these majestic marine mammals a non-invasive check-up!

DIY Science – Diving Fish: Madeleine and Ofogh from Seymour College learn all about buoyancy by designing their very own diving fish!

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Nest Boxes: It’s nice to have a place to rest your head after a long day. And while you might prefer a comfy bed, many animals prefer to curl up in tree hollows. But what if there aren’t any tree hollows available? Well, that’s where Dr Scott Burnett from the University of the Sunshine Coast, and his specially designed nest boxes, come in.

Lizard Bite Force: Join Dr Marc Jones and Lucy Clive from the University of Adelaide as they examine the resilience of the pygmy blue tongue lizard by measuring how hard they bite and chew!

All that and more on a biologically diverse episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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