Scope Season 3 Episode 120 TECHNOLOGY!


EPISODE: 3/120 Technology!

Technology is all around us and it’s constantly changing, so join Dr Rob for a techno refresher! We find out how a head band full of tech can tell us more about concussion, we delve into the past with a 3D scanner and we learn how nature can be used to inspire a drone design

Brain Band: Dr Alan Pearce and Branden Wilson from Swinburne University and Cocreators have developed a device that monitors sports players and how hard they are hit while on the field to try and reduce the number of concussions in sport.

3D Scanned Tank: The Mephisto is a German tank from World War One – a piece of history that now lives here, in Australia.  Chris Little, a 3D Forensic Researcher from Griffith University, is using 3D scanning technology to try and uncover what happened during the machine’s final moments more than 100 years ago!

DIY Science – Light Bulb: The first light bulbs were made from fossilised bamboo and a glass casing. But as Junior Scientists Madi and Lola explain, all you’ll need today is an electric circuit, a couple of pencil refills and a mason jar!

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Unmanned Vessel:
We catch up with Tenzin Crouch and Karl Sammut from Flinders University who have help to build an autonomous marine vessel.
Flapping Wings Robot:
When it comes to flying in the animal kingdom, one thing seems to be constant; flapping! Dr Sridhar Ravi from RMIT is trying to take the idea of flapping winged flight and implement it in drones!

It’s all covered on this technologically advanced episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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