Scope Season 3 Episode 068 TECHNOLOGY ON THE MOVE


EPISODE: 3/068 Technology on the Move

Technology on the Move: Technology is constantly on the move, with computer power doubling every year it’s sometimes hard to keep up! But fear not, on this episode of SCOPE we bring you all the technological advancements from around the world! Dr Rob heads out to find out what technology goes into baking biscuits, we learn all about the device that’s rendering the human heart optional and how an app is helping hearing impaired children learn about the biological wonders of the zoo!

Biscuit Factory: Dr Rob heads out to the Arnotts Biscuit Factory to meet up with Shane Duell and Cameron Braidwood to uncover all of the amazing technology that goes into baking their tasty treats!

Bionic Heart: The heart is one of the most vital and complex organs in the human body and Dr John Fraser and his team from the Prince Charles Hospital, are developing a device to replace this body part in critically ill patients.

Better Boots: Not having the right fitting shoes can not only be uncomfortable, but for those on their feet all day, it can even be dangerous! Kimberley Andersen from the University of Adelaide has developed a technology to make sure you get the right fit, every time!

DIY Science – Jelly Lens: If you want to be a scientist, having a microscope in your scientific tool kit is a must! Luckily for you, Caleb from Ferny Grove State High School is here to show you how to turn your smart phone into a must-have scientific instrument!

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Open Access App: Learning all about the biological wonders of the zoo can be a bit tough when you’re hearing impaired. Luckily Michelle Howard and the team at Werribee Open Range Zoo have developed an app to help the hearing impaired learn and discover just as much about the animal kingdom as anyone else!

All that and more on this technologically advanced episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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