Scope Season 3 Episode 077 TAKING FLIGHT



Taking Flight: It’s time to head up, up and away on this episode of Scope that has Dr Rob with his head in the clouds – LITERALLY!!! We take a tour of a helicopter factory; Look out how Whales are providing the inspiration for wings and our Host with the most takes flight in a blimp!!

Helicopter Assembly: Helicopters are used for all sorts of jobs, Search and Rescue, Military operations, fighting bushfires, even farming!! But thanks to the team from the Airbus Group Australia – we get a behind the scenes look at how this aircraft is created.

Whale Wings: Humpback Whales rule the ocean – now they’re making their mark on our skies.  We meet Michael Bolzon from the University of Adelaide who’s using the shape of a Humpback Whale flipper in aerodynamic design.

DIY Science – O Wings: Does the size of the wing effect flight performance? Junior Scientist Hayley finds out with this clever DIY science.

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Avian Ticks: When you think aviation you think aircraft, but what about Avian Ticks?  These critters are airborne too and can spread disease with the greatest of ease.  Patrick Taggart from Flinders University is looking at what impact these flying pests have on habitat sizes.

Blimp My Ride: Ever wondered what those big floating balloons in the sky are? Dr Rob did too, so he decided to hit the road, or air, to find out.  Buckle up as Dr Rob takes a look inside a giant blimp and look at the science behind these quirky aircraft.
All that and more on a jam-packed episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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