Scope Season 3 Episode 090 SWEET SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/088 Sweet Science

Sweet Science: Nothing hits the spot quite like some scrumptiously sweet science! Which is exactly what this episode of SCOPE is all about! We discover the wonders of honeycomb, reveal the science behind the humble egg and find out how liquid nitrogen could help play a part in your next desert!

Honeycomb Wonders: When sweet meets science you get honeycomb! Say hello to Laura Cassai as she walks you through the scientific methodology of making this sweet sensation.

Science Behind Cooking Eggs:
Science is all around us, especially in the kitchen. And today, with the help of Dr Joel Gilmore, we’ll be looking at one of the most versatile and scientifically fascinating ingredients in your pantry; the egg!

DIY – Sherbet: Join junior scientist Elizabeth in her kitchen turned chemistry lab for a sweet treat that’s fizzy, flavoursome and full of science!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Milk Matters: Nothing goes together like cookies and a glass of milk. Or should that be cookies and a glass of bacteria? Join Dr Ed Fox from CSIRO as he tries to understand what sort of bacteria is present in everyone favourite bovine by-product.

Nitro Ice-cream: Liquid nitrogen may be most well-known for preserving biological samples and cooling down scientific equipment but it’s now found a new life creating you favourite frozen treats! Join Paula Le a Chef from N2 Extreme Gelato for a 101 in how this subzero liquid is used to make ice cream!

So let us sweeten you up with some salivating science, only on SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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