Scope Season 3 Episode 098 SWEATING IT OUT


EPISODE: 3/098 Sweating It Out

Sweating It Out: One, and two, and three, and four! Come on! Sweat it out! We’re working up a sweat on this episode of SCOPE which is devoted entirely to sport and performance science! There’s an Olympic race walker, we look at the pro’s and con’s of an icy cold dip and we figure out how to get the most pedal power out of your bicycle!

Race Walking: Walking may not seem like a very challenging exercise but as champion race walker Dane Bird-Smith explains, there’s a lot more to this Olympic sport than you might expect!

Ice Bath: When athletes finish up a big training session they often like to cool down in an icy cold bath! But as Dr Llion Roberts from the Queensland Academy of Sports explains, this might actually be doing more harm than good!

DIY Science – Test Your Balance: Balance is an important for sports such as gymnastics and diving as well as just not falling over! Junior scientist Luci Nette puts her body on the line as she explores the factors that affect balance!

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Human Bioscience: Astronauts don’t only have to be super smart they also have to be super fit! Luca Bertolacci from the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, with help from some budding junior scientists, heads to the lab to find out whether he’s got what it takes to become an astronaut!

Pedal Power: It takes a lot of hard work and determination to become a champion athlete. Join Rohan Wight and Sian Barris from the South Australian Sports Institute as they give us an inside look into the science behind cycling!

All that and more on a physically exerting episode of SCOPE where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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