EPISODE: 3/007 Student Science

This week on SCOPE Dr Rob heads back to school, and university, to check out some of the best student science projects, and proves that you don’t have to be a fully qualified scientist to be doing some pretty AMAZING things!

Dog Feeder

Young inventor and year 12 Beaconhills College student Thomas Randle gives us the low down on the automatic dog feeder he designed and built for his VCE – complete with touch screen, remote control and live view from anywhere in the world!

Boiling Point: The Hottest in Science News
Sally Celsius shares her favourite science stories from around the world! This week it’s a synthetic muscle fibre made from fishing line, an autonomous jelly fish the size and weight of a grown man, and the NASA project allowing students to launch their own satellites into space!

Class Memory Test with Dr Rob
How good is your memory? Dr Rob visits a grade 6 class at Indooroopilly State School to test out their memories and to give them a few tricks and tips, with some great results!

DIY – Shapes of Constant Width
Junior Scientist Tom introduces a pretty unique sort of shape, and shows us how to make it and why it is so amazing! Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Instrumented Rock Climbing
You might have seen a rock climbing wall indoors, but maybe not in a science lab! The University of Adelaide students Nick Reed, Tom Sheridan and Elsa Burnell show us their high-tech climbing wall and explain why they are studying climbing techniques up close.

Student Robotics
To build amazing robots, you need to start with the basics and Daniel Griffiths, PhD student from the University of South Australia steps us through the process of building a multipurpose robot to help robotics students master the art of making the perfect robot!

So don’t be late for roll call, and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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