Scope Season 3 Episode 312 SPORTY SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/112 Sporty Science:

Sporty Science: Going, going, gone! Dr Rob knocks it out of the park this week with an episode of SCOPE all about the science of sports! We learn how to track our athletes every move, we hang ten with some young surfers and their latest tech and we find out what it takes to fuel a professional athlete!

Science of Surfing: Join Dr Anthony Ellis from BIOLABS as he ditches the lab and test tubes for the beach and a surfboard. Hang ten, as we check out some of the latest technology that’s helping bring this sport into the 21st century.

How to Feed a Lion: When you’re feeding a lion you have to make sure it gets just the right amount and type of food to keep it happy and healthy. Except, the lions Louise Cato feeds aren’t feline predators … they’re AFL players!

DIY - Hula Hoop: Hula Hooping can be a lot of fun, and the science behind it is just as entertaining. Join junior scientist Hayley as she demonstrates how you can make your very own hula hoop at home!

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Tracking Tech: Most modern day tracking equipment relies on GPS technology. But what do you do when you’re out of range? Well, you turn to Jonathan Shepherd from Griffith University and his SABEL sense tracking device.

Chronic Wounds: Some wounds can take months or even years to fully recover. But thanks to Michael Samuel from the University of South Australia we might soon have the tools to speed up this process.

So hop, skip and jump into a brand new episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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