Tune in to this Commonwealth Games-inspired episode of SCOPE as we catch up with some professional athletes and race through the science behind your favourite competition sports!

Track Cycling

What sport has two wheels, is played indoors and has athletes travel more than 50km in a single race? Track cycling! Say hello to Catlin Ward from the Victorian Institute of Sport, one of Australia’s top three female track cyclists, as she talks us through the science of this speedy sport.

Paralympic Javelin
The sport of javelin combines an athlete’s strength, speed and technique to hurl a spear through the air. Join Paralympic athlete Madeleine Hogan from the Victorian Institute of Sport as she talks us through the ins and outs of this one-of-a-kind sport.

DIY Falling Kinetics

There are many different sized sports balls… but have you ever wondered why they all fall at the same speed? Join junior scientist Lilli as she explains one of the most important physics principals in the sporting world; the law of falling bodies.

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Swimming is a pretty exhausting sport… and it can be even more tiring if you don’t have the right technique or posture! That’s where Sam Jones, student from the Queensland University of Technology comes in. Join Sam as he demonstrates his latest sporting invention called Corsuit - a devise that helps swimmers improve their technique while training.

Science of Recovery
We all know that to be the best at a sport it takes a lot of training. But did you know that what you do after the training can often be just as important. Join our friend James Karageorgiou from the Victorian Institute of Sport to find out how your favourite athletes recover after those all-important training sessions.

So warm up for a very sporty episode of Scope as Dr Rob once again proves that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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