Scope Season 3 Episode 111 SCOPING OUT CANBERRA


EPISODE: 3/111 Scoping Out Canberra:

Scoping Out Canberra: Dr Rob leaves the bunker and heads down to our nation’s capital for an episode all about the science going on in and around Canberra! We catch up with Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, we discover how the National Film and Sound Archive are helping preserving our past and we learn all about the eccentric peacock spider!

Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel: Dr Rob heads straight to Parliament House to meet up with Australia’s very own Chief Scientist Alan Finkel and discuss the future of science and technology in our fair nation!

Web of Science: Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders! But as Stuart Harris from Questacon explains; these 8 legged creatures are a lot more fascinating than they are frightening!

Archiving Our History: Film reels decays, as do music records. Luckily Michael Loebenstein and the team from the National Film and Sound Archive are working tirelessly to help save these images and sounds by digitising and archiving these moments from our past!

Looking Through a Lens:
Lens’ are used in many different applications; from glasses to microscopes to even your TV! Larry Lu and his research team from the Australian National University have developed the thinnest lens in the world which could lead to everything from bendable TVs to miniaturised cameras!

All that and more on a brand new episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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