Scope Season 3 Episode 109 SCOPETECH


EPISODE: 3/109 ScopeTech:

ScopeTech: On this brand new episode of SCOPE, we check out the latest and greatest innovations in the world of tech! We visit a digital zoo for dinosaurs, Dr Rob finds out what it takes to become a drone pilot and we learn all about a new type of cooling tower that’s changing the face of rural power stations!

Orangutan Tech: What do you get when animal science meets technology? Well, something like this! Meet Dr Sally Sherwen from Melbourne Zoo and Dr Marcus Carter from the University of Melbourne who are using motion sensors and projectors to interact with their furry friends.

Dino Zoo: Hundreds of millions of years separate us and the colossal dinosaurs of the past, until now! Join Dr Scott Hocknull from Queensland Museum and Sean Druitt from the University of Queensland as they explain how they’ve brought these pre-historic beasts out of the museum and onto the big screen; in their interactive digital dinosaur display!

DIY Science – Puffy Paint: Join junior scientist Elizabeth as she performs an experiment which mixes both art and science.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Search and Rescue UAV: Most pilots have to be in a cockpit to fly their plane, but not Colin Smith from Ninox Robotics. Dr Rob invites him down to the bunker to explain how you go about flying one of the most advanced fixed wing UAVs on the planet!

Sustainable Cooling Tower: Generating power also means generating a lot of heat! Join Hugh Russell from the University of Queensland, he’s developed a new type of draft tower designed to keep regional power plants nice and cool!

All that and more on a technologically superior episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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