Scope Season 3 Episode 096 SCOPE TO THE RESCUE


EPISODE: 3/096 Scope to the Rescue

Scope to the Rescue: If you have a problem, if no one else can help, fear not! Scope’s to the Rescue! This episode is dedicated to the science of saving! There’s an Ambulance that can fly, an airport fire department and Dr Rob goes for a dip … in a cage … blindfolded!

Ambulance in the Sky: An ominous figure zips through the sky at 310km per hour, it’s not superman, but it does help save lives. It’s the Careflight Augusta AW139 and as Brian Guthrie and Dr Emmeline Finn explain, this amazing machine is getting critical care to wherever it’s needed most - faster!

Dr Rob vs HUET: In science and in life, it’s always best to be prepared! Join Dr Rob and Careflight instructor Mick Dowling as they run through a real life simulation of what to do when you’re chopper hits the water!

DIY Science – Fire Fighting Foam:
Junior Scientist Luci tries her hand at fire fighting by creating her very own flame dousing foam!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Aviation Rescue: Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, that includes the airport. As Tara Murrell and Tim Limmer from Airservices Australia explain, it takes some special equipment and some extra special firefighters to combat these blazes!

Fiery Sleep Science: A good night’s sleep is essential to everybody’s health, but when you spend up to 16 hours a day fighting fires, that can start to be an issue! Luckily Dr Brad Aisbett from Deakin University has been conducting research to ensure every firefighter gets their well-deserved beauty sleep.

All that and more on an adrenalin packed episode of SCOPE where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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