Scope Season 3 Episode 110 SCOPE IN SPACE


EPISODE: 3/110 Scope in Space:

Scope in Space: Strap in and prepare for launch as Scope rockets off-planet for this special episode all about space! Dr Rob catches up with Australia’s very own astronaut; Andy Thomas, we learn everything there is to know about black holes and we discover how the rockets of the future could be reusable!

Aussie Astronaut: Andy Thomas grew up in Adelaide dreaming of flying in space. And then he did, not once, but four times! Dr Rob catches up with this real-life astronaut to find out exactly what it’s like to float in micro-gravity!

Black Holes 101: Black holes appear a lot in science fiction but how much of that translates into science fact? Join Prof Tamara Davis from the University of Queensland as she explores one of the coolest celestial phenomenon in the galaxy.

DIY Science – Constellation Geo-board: There are billions of stars in the night sky and some of these stars can form patterns called constellations. Join junior scientist Joel as he shows you how to build a tool to help you identify these stellar arrangements!

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Gravitational Waves: Dr Rob heads out of the bunker and to the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex to catch up with Glen Nagle as they discuss the latest and greatest discovery in the field of astrophysics; gravitational waves!

Reusable Rockets: Rockets are engineering wonders, but they can usually only be used once! Prof Michael Smart from the University of Queensland is hoping to change all that with a rocket prototype which can be reused time and time again!

All that and more on an out-of-this-world episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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