Scope Season 3 Episode 069 SCIENTISTS OF THE FUTURE



Scientists of the Future: If children are our future then these super smart kids are the scientist of that future! On this episode of SCOPE we take a look how these kids are making the world of tomorrow a better place. There’s some whiz-bang inventors, a human powered vehicle and a build-you-own tablet design by kids, for kids!

Little Big Ideas Winner – Alexander: Alexander Hill won his age section of the Little Big Ideas competition with a practical new twist on decorating your fingernails!

Build Your Own Tablet: 15 year old Taj Pabari from “FiftySix” has developed a kit that allows kids around the world to not only build their own tablet computers but also program games and apps for that tablet!

Science Challenge: Students from around Adelaide have come together to engage in hands on activities involving principles of science, engineering and technology! Jess Harris reports from the scene!

Little Big Ideas Winner – Reece: To most people a flat phone battery is an annoying inconvenience but for Little Big Ideas winner Reece Hopley, it was inspiration for an invention that finds battery power from the most unlikely of sources!

Monash Minds – Human Powered Vehicle: Is it a bike? Is it a car? No! It’s Selina Morley from John Monash Science School and her Human Powered Vehicle.

DIY – Water Rocket:
It may be rocket science, but this wildly wet experiment is simple, fun and most of all, a real blast! Join junior scientist Harry as he shoots for the sky with nothing but some cardboard, a bottle and a bike pump!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Monash Minds – Bridges: Alasdair Harvey from John Monash Science School tells us all about how he was able to determine the load bearing capacity of bridges with nothing but a couple of modelling kits and some weights.

All that and more on this on an inspiring episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Watch Scope Season 3 Episode 069 Scientists of the Future now!