Scope Season 3 Episode 094 SCIENCE ON THE MOVE


EPISODE: 3/094 Science on the Move

Science on the Move: Newton may have 3 laws of motion but Dr Rob only needs one episode to delve into the scientific realm of movement. We look at what shifts cherries from the paddock to your plate, Dr Rob takes a ride on the Gold Coast’s state-of-the-art trams and we make mind-control a little less science-fiction and a little more science fact!

Gold Coast Trams: Dr Rob heads out to the Gold Coast to ride the rails of a mode of transport that’s been around longer than Dr Rob (and that’s a long time) From the tram tracks to the control centre the Good Doctor scours this state-of-the-art transit system to find out exactly how it all ticks!

Cherry Travels: When you’re harvesting and shipping an entire tonne of cherries everyday, sorting and grading them all can be a bit of a challenge! But, as Alex Caldwell from Cherryhill Orchards explain, thanks to a little science the task is far more manageable.

DIY Science – Marshmallow Shooter: One of Newton’s laws of motion states that an object will only move if a force acts upon it. So what kind of force can we apply to a marshmallow to launch it across the room? Well, junior scientist Hayley is out to answer that very question!

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Project Foresight: We use our brains to control how our bodies move. And now, thanks to William Gale and his team from the Robotics Systems Development Association, we’re able to use them to control how robots move too!

All that and more on an especially moving episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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