Join Dr Rob for an xtraordinarly youthful and absolutely zany episode of SCOPE all about those letters that are always left til last; XYZ. Take a trip to Healesville Sanctuary to learn all about animal x-rays, discover how bacteria is used to make yogurt and learn how to become a zoologist without working at a zoo!

Animal X-Rays

Join Dr Leanne Wicker from Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary as she tells us all about the one piece of medical equipment she couldn’t do without; her animal x-ray! Learn all about how it works and how it differs from the types of x-ray machines used on humans.

Yohgurt Factory
On today’s menu is a delicious, everyday dairy food that you probably didn’t know was made with a little help from bacteria. Join Simon Reynolds from ‘The Yoghurt Shop’ as he takes us through the process of turning milk into yogurt!

DIY Science – Zoetrope
Learn all about analogue animation with junior scientist Phoebe as she teaches you how to make your very own Zoetrope, with only some paper, a CD and a bit of artistic flair.

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Zebrafish may not be the first animal you think of when you hear the words medical research! But every year scientists are turning to these little fish to uncover the mysteries of the medical world. is giving high school students this same opportunity to understand these little creatures better. Join Sharon Flecknoe from Monash University as she explains to some high school students about what makes these fish so fascinating.

Zoology is a branch of biology that is all about animals! Join Heather Janetzki from Queensland museum as she shows you a different side to this ancient profession.

So join Dr Rob once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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