Wondering where to wistfully wiggle your waist this Thursday? How about in front of the couch for a brand new episode of SCOPE all about the most wonderfully whimsical letter of all; ‘W’. Learn all about the wondrous wireless technology of sports, the woeful whiff of waste water, the wealth of ground water below your feet and some wildly wicked wheat.

Wireless Technology

Join our good friend Dr Mark Hedley from CSIRO as he demonstrates his latest and greatest invention; a wearable wireless technology for tracking athletes in your favourite sport. Join the local AFL team as they show just how the Wireless Adhoc Sytem for Positioning (WASP) is helping them better understand the sport.

Waste Water
Waste Water can be pretty stinky and even corrosive! Luckily for us our friend Adam from the University of Queensland is on a mission to make our waste water a little bit less woeful!

DIY – Weird Water
Join junior scientist Jasmin from the Australian Science and Mathematics School as she shows us how to bend water. It’s no magic trick, with just a balloon, a steady stream of water and a little scientific know how you too can warp water to your will!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

When you think of water you probably think of rainclouds, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. But I bet you didn’t imagine the whole world of water that’s right beneath your feet! Join Dr Eddie Banks from Flinders University as he takes us through the process of prospecting from buried water.

Super Wheat
Wheat is one of Australia’s largest exports and you probably eat it every day in your favourite bread pasta and even cereal. That’s why Dr Lee’s and his work at the University of Queensland to develop a super wheat that can ward of disease and grow really fast is of the utmost importance!

So join the wise Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

Watch Scope Season 3 Episode 024 SCIENCE OF W now!