EPISODE: 2/175 Science of T

Take some time out to tempt yourself with some science that’s all about the letter T! Touch up on your ten pin bowling knowledge, tinker with temperature in a DIY thermometer experiment and find out about some terrific turtle tracking technology. You’ll also discover how train drivers practice their skills after spending some time in the driver’s seat of a train simulator!

Ten Pin Bowling Alley
Touch up on your ten pin bowling knowledge with Tim Dawes from Kingpin Bowling as he takes us on a back-of-house tour of a bowling alley. We find out exactly how the pins and the ball are reset after they’re knocked down.

Boiling Point: the hottest in science news
Sally shares her favourite science stories from around the world. This week it’s shark-proof wetsuits from The University of Western Australia, space lettuce from NASA and some trivia on how long it would take to walk a light-year!

Experiment: DIY Thermometer  
Time to turn the temperature up (and back down again!) with your very own homemade thermometer! Junior Scientist Tyler shows us how to build our very own temperature testers using a few household items. Watch this experiment now!  Email us for experiment instructions.

Temperatures in the City – Urban Heat Islands
We know it can get hot in the city, but just how hot? Find out what urban heat is and how it is measured when Meteorologist Dr Caecilia Erwenz, from Flinders University, tests temperatures in busy city spots and quiet green spaces.  

Turtle Tracking
Get the lowdown on turtle tracking! Tereza Todd from Melbourne Aquarium introduces us to the turtle rehab program which monitors the recovery of sick turtles by using some terrific tracking technology! Check out the Melbourne Aquarium website.

Train Simulator
All aboard the train simulator! Check out how this cool machine teaches train drivers the tricks of their trade when Dr Anjum Naweed, from the Central Queensland University, shows us how it works.

Make yourself a cup of T and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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