Join Dr Rob for a towering feat of engineering magnificence on a very structural episode of SCOPE! Learn how 6 tonnes of canvas is hoisted to create the home for the traveling Circus OZ, watch as Dr Rob scales a cliff-face in the name of science and learn how a hive is constructed by those in the bees-ness.

Circus Big Top
What requires 1.5km of steel wire rope 188 steel poles and 402 tent pegs? Well Bev from Circus Oz might have an idea! Join her as she talks you through the process of erecting one of the largest portable structures in the world!

Natural Rock Climbing
Learn all about the incredible natural structure that is the cliff-face as Dr Rob puts his body on the line to investigate this wonder of science.

DIY – Walking on Egg Shells
You may not suspect that eggs are very strong, what with them smashing into a gooey mess and all, but today we will be putting them to the test! With just a carton of eggs, some garbage bags and Junior Scientist Tom’s feet we’ll be testing just how strong this avian bi-product really is!

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Did you know that there is a mathematic formula that proves that the structure of a beehive is the most economically efficient shape! Join Peter from Superbee Honeyworld as he gives you a tour of his honey farm, lays some more beehive facts on you and explains the buzz behind the business of bees.

SAHMRI Building
This pine cone looking, diamond shaped, multi-story science complex is not your average building. Join Michelle from SAHMRI as she takes you on a tour of one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the southern hemisphere: the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute headquarters.

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 So join Dr Rob once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.