EPISODE: 2/172 Science of P

The letter P is pretty popular so we decided to dedicate a whole episode to it! You’ll be proud as punch to learn about the life of a polar bear cub, and pleased to know about a robot that picks up dog poop! You won’t want to pass up the chance to meet a particularly passionate pole vaulter, or miss out on an experiment that puts the pop in popsicle stick!  

Polar Bear Cub
Take a tour of Polar Bear Shores at Sea World and meet polar bear cub Henry and his Keeper Tacha Mulligan as she shares what it takes to raise him in captivity.  

Scope in a Flash: POOP SCOOP Robot
Ted reports on a poop-scooping robot designed by students at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Poo-Rolling Beetles (Dung Beetles)
Dr Bernard Doube from Dung Beetle Solutions shares the stinky science of breeding and distributing dung beetles!

Experiment: Popping Popsicle Sticks
Junior Scientist Hayley puts the pop in popsicle stick when she builds a cool criss-cross structure that explodes in a chain reaction. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Pole Vaulting
Learn about the science that powers the pole vault! Coach Anthony Simons from Athletics South Australia talks pole vaulting physics and shows us some impressive moves.

Plastic Bag Recycling
Peek inside a factory that turns plastic bags into furniture! Mark Yates from Replas lets us look at the big machinery that is responsible for recycling thousands of plastic bags into durable objects.

Plonk down and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

Watch Scope Season 2 Episode 172 SCIENCE OF P now!