Season 3 Episode 011 ANIMALS IN SCIENCE

Get set for the one and only episode of SCOPE that is dedicated, obviously, to the letter O! Head to the zoo and hang out with one of our closest living relatives – the orang-utan, find out what an otorhinolaryngologist does, and get a few tips from our junior scientist who tackles an experiment all about osmosis.

They’re one of our closest relatives, genetically speaking, sharing 96.4% of our DNA and are one of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. Fiona Iacovangelo, one of the keepers who looks after Melbourne Zoo’s orang-utan family shows us what sort of exciting enrichment projects these apes get up to on a daily basis.

ORT Surgeon
What sort of medical specialist would you go to if you had a problem with your ears, nose or throat? An otorhinolaryngologist of course! Join Prof Simon Carney from Flinders Medical Centre as he talks us through the ins and outs of his job!

DIY Osmosis
We’re back with one of our favourite junior scientists Lilli with a very yummy experiment involving jelly babies, sugar and water. With a little bit of scientific knowledge about osmosis Lilli attempts to grow her lollies into supersized gummy blobs!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

At most schools you may find a swimming pool or a basketball court but it’s not often that you’d come across a fully-fledged observatory, but that’s just what the kids at The Heights School have. Join Nikita and James as they take us on a tour of their star gazing facilities.

Fuel from Oranges
Planes! They fly every day and require a lot of fuel to run, but we don’t have an unlimited supply of this fossil fuel and that’s where Tim Brennan from The University of Queensland comes in. For the past 3 years Tim has been trying to convert sugar cane to jet fuel using one of our favourite fruits; the orange!

So open your mind and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE

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