EPISODE: 3/010 Science of N 

Be sure to notice this nice, new episode of SCOPE dedicated to the noblest letter of the alphabet – N! Get to know all about the workings of a nocturnal house, nip in to a nanotechnology lab, and note down a few things about neuroscience! And no one should miss our nod to one of the most famous scientists ever – Newton – as we experiment with his three laws of motion.

Nocturnal House
Keep as quiet as a mouse as we tiptoe around a nocturnal house! Dr Marissa Parrott from Zoos Victoria introduces us to some animals that sleep in the day and wake and night, and shows us how she researches their behaviour.  

Experiment: Newton’s Laws  
Become as noble as Newton himself in this experiment all about Newton’s Laws. Junior Scientist Phoebe gathers some household objects and demonstrates the three laws of motion. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.  

Net Invention
Meet a civil engineer who designed a new kind of baseball net! Justin Cronin from the Australian Baseball League shows off his net that keeps crowds safe from stray balls!

Nanotechnology Lab
Go nuts for nanotechnology as we explore a lab that’s all about super small science! Dr Drew Evans from the University of South Australia gives us a tour of his lab where he makes coatings for mirrors.

Neuroscience: What happens in our brains when we are hungry  
Neuroscience is all about brains, and we meet a researcher who is trying to find out how they work when we are hungry! Dr Rob meets Pengfei Han, a researcher from The University of Queensland, and takes a test to see how his brain reacts to certain images and smells before and after eating.

Go nuts for everything N, and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

Watch Scope Season 3 Episode 010 SCIENCE OF N now!