Hands up who would like a heap of hair-raising, humorous and all-round hip scientific highlights all starting with the letter… H!? Find out why scientists are hanging out with some hippos at the zoo, be fascinated by a handful of interesting facts about hiccups, halitosis and the heart, and check out the inner workings of a hydroelectric power plant!

They spend most of their day in the water and their closest relatives today are whales and dolphins but there is still so much we don’t know about the hippopotamus. We join our friend Yvette Pittao at Werribee Open Range Zoo as she talks us through some of the important research she’s been conducting on hippos’ behaviour.

H Body Facts
Rhys Thomas from The University of Queensland’s Medical Society delivers facts on everything you could ever hope to know about the human body beginning with H. Everything from halitosis to hiccups, prepare yourself for a heaped spoonful of knowledge.

DIY Heat Candle
We join junior scientist Skye as she demonstrates how water can rise, with just some coloured water, a glass bottle and the application of heat!

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Jon Jones from D’Vine Ripe tomatoes shows us around his 27 hectare glasshouse that produces 15 000 tonnes of tomatoes… with no soil to be seen!

Mini Hydro Plant
When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty amazing that clean water flows out of taps in our homes, but what you might not know is the amazing stuff it does along the way. Our local hydro-electro expert Andrew Jackson shows us how simply running your tap could be powering the light bulb above the sink.

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