Scope Season 3 Episode 128 SCIENCE OF FIRE


EPISODE: 3/128 Science of Fire

Science of Fire: Humans have been fascinated by fire for tens of thousands of years! And on this episode of SCOPE, we stoke the coals of that curiosity with an episode all about this chemical combustion! We learn how fire trucks are made, we use computing power to predict bushfires and we fight fire with chemistry!

Fire Truck Construction: A regular old truck won’t do the trick - to fight fires, you need some very special equipment! Join Ian Taylor and Mark Wallace from Liquip as they run through how they put together the vehicles that make up Queensland’s fire fighting fleet!

Sparks Modelling: Bush fires are chaotic and unpredictable! That’s why Will Swedosh from the CSIRO developed a computer based fire simulator which can predict how a fire will behave before they start to spread!

Fire Lab: Join Dr Cristian Maluk and Dr Angus Law from the University of Queensland as they show off some amazing technology which allows them to study how fire behaves, not just down here on earth, but also up in space!

DIY Science – Silver Egg:
Using fire and an optical illusion Junior Scientist Alexi shows us how to make an egg appear to be silver.

Fire Table: Bushfires are a dangerous aspect of the Australian wilderness. But as Nick McCarthy from the University of Queensland and Andrew Sturgess from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services explain, devices such as their ‘fire table’ can help predict how these natural phenomenon behave in real life!

Fire Fighting Science: Join Paul Elso and Dawn Hartog from the Country Fire Authority as they explain how they’re fighting fire … with science!

So get fired up for another fascinating episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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